The Experience of Celebrity Edge

Written by: Michelle on December 10, 2018

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The travel industry is buzzing about the Edge! Everyone is talking about Celebrity’s newest ship and its fresh approach to cruising. Earlier this month, Bill Coyle and other members of the KHM Travel Group team were invited on board for the inaugural sailing to see for themselves what the Celebrity Edge is all about. Bill Coyle, from our Agent Development team, shared his insights from this momentous cruising event.


Two words: Infinite Verandas! One of the most celebrated features of the Edge, the Infinite Verandas offer a new take on balcony cabins. Where other cruise ships have a wall with a door to the balcony, the Edge has French-style doors, which when opened allow cruisers to extend their cabin space onto the balcony. The balcony’s glass wall can enclose the stateroom, allowing for temperature-controlled use of the balcony. Or with the press of a button, the top panel slides down to let in the salty sea breeze.

The Edge’s Magic Carpet offers guests a unique dining opportunity for an additional cost. Its placement at different deck levels allows guests to experience an open-air bar and restaurant and take in the incredible views in port or as they sail to the next destination.

Luxurious and Modern

From top to bottom, Celebrity Edge is a masterpiece of contemporary design. Transformative spaces and opulent décor immerse guests in an environment that is distinct to Celebrity. The Eden lounge provides a space to indulge the senses with expertly crafted cocktails and to be entertained by trapeze performers.

Guests can find luxury in their cabins, which feature thoughtfully designed amenities. From bathrooms that rank among the most spacious at sea to the radiantly heated mirrors that won’t fog up, the Edge seeks to please.

Technology is incorporated seamlessly throughout the ship, especially in the theater. The three-quarter round seating places audiences closer to the action on stage while the massive screen ensures every seat has a clear view.


The Edge invites guests to forget their worries and embark on a truly relaxing vacation. The world-class spa offers a long list of treatment options from massages and facials to the SEA Thermal Suite, which features the Crystalarium, salt room, and rainfall water therapy room.

For those who prefer to relax in the open air, the Rooftop Garden provides a park-like atmosphere enjoy a refreshing drink or read a good book. During the evening, live music and dancing provide entertainment under the stars.

At the Solarium, an adult-only pool section, cruisers can take the plunge into the water or sit back in the jacuzzi under a glass ceiling that lets in the sun’s rays while keeping the space at a comfortable temperature.

Edge moves away from a general dining hall, opting instead for an increased number of specialty dining opportunities. With these, guests are sure to find options to suit their particular tastes. About the dining venues, Bill said, “The smaller more elegant restaurants, which replace the traditional dining rooms, are beautiful and opulent. Very comfortable seating arrangements for two, four, six, or eight people.” He also praised the ship’s noise control which creates a more intimate atmosphere, no matter where you are on board.

Is Celebrity Edge right for your clients?

For your clients who are new to luxury cruising or new to cruising but enjoy a certain level of class, the Edge has everything to meet their needs. The Edge’s contemporary style and focus on relaxing and indulging it is an ideal escape for couples or a small group of adults. With an increased number of specialty restaurants, those clients who desire an elevated food experience on their cruise will be impressed by the Edge’s options. The attentive staff and attention to detail on board will ensure your clients have an enjoyable and memorable sailing.

In all, Edge’s innovation and dedication to superior quality is a step up in the cruising world. Not only does Edge shine brightly in the Celebrity line of ships, but it also shows that the world of cruising is an ever-evolving industry where clients will continue to see more and more unique and luxurious offerings.

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