Perfect Match: Finding the Best Host Agency Partner

Written by: KHM Staff on February 14, 2024

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By: Anita Pagliasso, Vice President of Industry Relations

Most home-based travel agents who choose to work with a host agency do so because they find it is easier to accomplish their goals and earn a higher income rather than trying to make it on their own. But finding the best host agency can be as challenging as finding your perfect soulmate. 

Match Game

Make a list of your specialties, areas of expertise, and the type of business that you want to focus on. Confirm that the host agency is compatible to accepting your type of business and can support the needs of your client database.

Use Internet to help do your homework. Compare commission structures, upfront fees, and benefits. If you are brand new to the travel industry you will probably need a mentor, a lot of support, and a host agency that has an education program in place. If you are an experienced travel consultant, look for a company that can support your growing business, pay higher commission, and offer perks that you could not attain on your own.

Mix n’ Match

Make sure that the agency has the right balance of benefits.

  • Do they belong to a consortium?
  • Do they pay commissions timely?
  • Do they offer bonus commission and booking incentives?
  • What kind of ongoing education is offered?
  • What type of database management system (if any) is included?
  • Do they provide ways to connect with other travel agents?
  • What industry associations do they belong to?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • If there are start-up fees, what do they include?

Match Box

Prevent fires in advance by asking to see a copy of the host agency’s independent contractor agreement. Ask if they have an Errors and Omissions insurance policy. You can always check with the Better Business Bureau and the state Attorney General’s office to see if any complaints have been filed against them. 

Match Maker

Ask for recommendations from other agents that you meet at supplier and networking events. Or explore a website like Host Agency Reviews or Fynd Travel. Nothing explains more about a host agency than firsthand testimonials from agents.

Meet your (Best Host Agency) Match

Whenever possible, it would be ideal to set up a meeting to personally talk with the host agency. Reading up on a host agency is great, but does not always portray the expressions and enthusiasm you would get in a personal one-on-one call or live chat.

Match Point!

The final point to a winning business relationship is that it should feel like a mutually rewarding association. The company you select should be as excited about your eagerness to learn and grow as you are…after all, in the end you will both share in the success of your business.

Find the best host agency with the help of KHM Travel Group!

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