Identifying the 6 Types of Travelers

Written by: Guest on April 27, 2015

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If you’re a travel agent, you know that rarely are two clients’ needs exactly alike. Some want a completely all-inclusive vacation, and some crave a little bit (or a lot) of adventure. Some have a very clear vision in mind, and some prefer more spontaneity. Whatever the case, it’s up to you to bring their vacations dreams to life.

Knowing what type of traveler your client is will help focus your planning efforts. Tech company Amadeus has identified six traveler groups that have emerged over the past 15 years, and that continue to shape the market. Identifying which category or categories their clients fall into will give travel agents a starting point for offering destinations, accommodations and excursions that suit the traveler’s style.

The six types are:

Simplicity Searchers want a hassle-free experience from the time they decide to get away to the moment they return. They will leave all the research up to their trusted travel professional, and are well-suited to all-inclusive vacations.

How to Make These Clients Happy: When working with Simplicity Searchers, pay close attention to small details and plan more structured itineraries so that the client has nothing to do but relax and enjoy themselves.

Social Capital Seekers are heavily influenced by social media trends, even when it comes to travel. They value the opinions of their online peers, and will plan trips according to what will boost their “cultural capital” in the various social media communities.

How to Make These Clients Happy:  Travel agents will need to do a bit of research on the hottest hospitality and travel trends: where celebrities are vacationing, which resorts and restaurants are getting a lot of hype, etc.

Cultural Purists see travel as a means of immersing themselves in a different culture and completely separating themselves from their normal lives. These types of clients value authentic, off-the-beaten path experiences.

How to Make These Clients Happy: These travelers might require more creativity on your part, because the typical tourist agendas won’t satisfy their need for enrichment. Check with local experts in your client’s destination to find hidden gems that will really impress your client.

Ethical Travelers want to go where they can lend a hand, whether it be after a natural disaster or on a sustainable organic farm. These clients might look for ways to offset their carbon footprint and will favor brands are environmentally and socially conscious.

How to Make These Clients Happy: Keep in mind that Ethical Travelers will be more flexible about sacrificing comfort and luxury for more eco-friendly practices.

Obligation Meeters have a very clear goal for their trips. This includes business travelers, but also leisure travelers with a specific reason for visiting a destination. It might be to watch or compete in a sporting event, or to cross a certain activity off of their bucket list.

How to Make These Clients Happy: Travel Agents can show their value with Obligation Meeters by finding other experiences that fit with or augment their client’s main goal.

Reward Hunters travel to reward themselves with ‘must-have’ experiences and luxuries. Often they have a higher budget, and are looking for the ultimate ways to escape from the daily grind. Self-indulgence can take many forms: once-in-a-lifetime meals, super-exclusive spa retreats, and VIP parties, for example.

How to Make These Clients Happy: Whatever their interests, expect Reward Hunters to go all-out when it comes to travel. This means travel agents have to think big, and think outside the box!

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Source: Road Warrior Voices

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