KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Barbara Crosby

Written by: Guest on December 02, 2016

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When Barbara Crosby first started her travel agency in April of 2010, she specialized in Hawaii because that was what she knew. When her children were young, they took a family vacation to Hawaii and absolutely loved it. She says it was the most memorable trip she’s taken to date!


“We all surfed, snorkeled, learned to hula dance, ate fantastic new foods, explored volcanoes and waterfalls, learned about Hawaiian culture,” Barbara says. “It was the most relaxing and enjoyable trip I had ever taken. Just having that family time together was so memorable.”

Now she gets to help others create those memories together. Her travel agency, Gypsy Girl Vacations, has expanded its niche as Barbara has grown her client base. She initially branched out to learn about Mexico, and has continued to educate herself on destinations as needed. Her clients have become her true specialty!

“Whether it is a trip to New York to see some Broadway plays, or a three week trip through Europe, my clients trust me to put their best interests first and foremost,” says Barbara. “This takes time!”

It has taken time, but Barbara’s hard work has paid off. In November 2015, she was welcomed to our Pinnacle Elite Level of travel agents that hit $100,000 in commissionable sales.


When she says she specializes in her clients, she means she invests a lot of time getting to know each person or group she works with. Actively listening and gathering information is key to planning the perfect vacation for that specific client.

“I try to plan the perfect vacation for THEM” she adds. “Not what is perfect for me, or the next family, but for them.”

barbaracrosby1editBarbara also isn’t shy about telling people about her travel business. She makes a point to talk to everyone about what she does, so it’s no surprise that she gets many of her referrals through word-of-mouth. When you’re as passionate about travel as Barbara, that enthusiasm is contagious!

In addition to being passionate, she says it’s crucial that new agents don’t give up, and commit themselves to training. Go on FAM trips, because they are invaluable to knowing how to sell a brand or destination. And always stay committed to clients!

“My clients trust me to put their best interests first and foremost,” says Barbara. “I have never visited Amsterdam, but my clients trusted me enough to plan a trip there for them. So it takes a lot of research!”

Congratulations to Barbara on her success. We appreciate you sharing your story to benefit and inspire your fellow agents!

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