KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Matt Hawks

Written by: Guest on September 21, 2015

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Experienced travel agents know that they aren’t just a business selling a service. They are fixtures in their communities, with the ability to develop trust and even matthawksfriendships with their clients.

Matt Hawks has used his passion for travel to connect with people in his community of Galax, Virginia.

He got started with KHM Travel Group in 2011, after a conversation with another travel agent about the many different possibilities for travel specialties.

Matt decided to follow his interests, and focus on the Caribbean and Disney for his niches.

At first, Matt struggled to find a way to distinguish himself from the big online travel agencies like Expedia and Travelocity.

“When I first went into business I thought it was all about price,” says Matt.

Then he got the opportunity to work with a higher-end client on a group cruise. It was a challenge, but it also gave him a chance to use his travel agent training to the fullest.

“It was around 25 people and as we were talking, I began to realize that I was well trained and I had a lot of the answers they were seeking,” says Matt. “I saw the look of relief coming to them.”

This booking gave him confidence, and he realized that it was his personal service that would set him apart and add value to his clients’ experience.

Through Facebook and through word of mouth, he’s grown his business, Rasta Matt’s Travel, into a Pinnacle Elite level agency. The achievement is even more impressive considering that he also works full-time as an insurance agent.

He’s become such a staple in his area that when families talk about Disney trips, his name always finds a way into the conversation!

Matt’s favorite part of his job is when his clients share trip photos on Facebook, because he knows he played a part in helping them make those memories.

New agents can set themselves apart by focusing on the client experience, rather than trying to compete cost-wise.

“Don’t worry about how you compare to the online giants, because you are better than them,” says Matt. “Personal service and confidence in your specialty will make you successful.”

Congratulations to Matt on reaching Pinnacle level. We are thrilled to have dedicated, passionate agents like you on our team!

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