Six Secrets to Maintaining a Productive Home Office

Written by: Guest on April 16, 2015

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The convenience of working from a home office is something many professionals dream about — working in pajamas, from the comfort of a favorite chair. One of the major perks of becoming a home-based travel agent is being able to decide where you work, and when.

Having a dedicated, organized space where you can work uninterrupted is key to staying productive. Your work area shouldn’t feel cramped; you should have enough space for your phone, computer, and other business supplies.

These six helpful hints will keep home-based travel agents focused and working happy!

1. Set Boundaries. Spending more time with your family is arguably the biggest benefit of working from home. That is, as long as your family isn’t interfering with your business. Set boundaries so your family knows not to disturb you while you’re focused on your clients.
2. Make Sure Your Office is Well-Connected. Whether you have a landline or use a cell phone for your travel agency, your clients need a reliable way to reach you. Having a dependable internet connection will ensure you receive and can respond to client emails quickly. No one likes wasting time waiting for technology!
3. Find Something to Keep You Company. Some might get lonely sitting for hours each day at home by themselves. Having a pet or a plant nearby reduces stress and prevents you from feeling isolated.
4. Consider Your Lighting Options. Brighten your workspace and your mood with natural light if possible. It will keep you energized and upbeat. If you can’t work near a window, use warm artificial light rather than fluorescents or LEDs around your home office.
5. Have Coffee and Snacks on Hand. Think of how much money and time you’ll save not running out to the nearest Starbucks every morning for your caffeine fix. Having healthy, filling snacks on hand will also prevent you from procrastinating whenever you get hungry.
6. Get Dressed. This is a tough one, but getting into a professional, focused mindset is usually easier if you are dressed for the part. And you’ll be prepared for any impromptu client meetings!

You should look forward to sitting down in your home office and building your travel business, so the most important factor is that it’s comfortable for you!

The freedom to work at home is just one of the many perks of being a travel agent. If think you a career as a travel agent is right for you, fill out the form on the right or call 1-888-611-1220 to receive our free information packet.

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