What Makes a Travel Agent Successful?

Written by: Guest on April 19, 2017

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Starting an independent travel agency takes dedication, patience, and a little bit of courage. New agents need to focus on laying a solid foundation for their agency through education and business planning.

Progressing from a beginner agent to a savvy travel professional is the next logical step. But what does it take to get to the point where you see constant growth?

They Have Excellent Customer Service

Without a doubt, the thing that sets great travel agents apart from other agents (and from online booking sites) is their ability to take care of their clients. Their commitment to their clients doesn’t end once they’ve book a trip; they continue to stay in touch with them during and after their trip, and in between trips. They develop lasting relationships with clients, rather than treating them as another commission check.

They Have Solid Communication Skills

Active listening. Engaging their clients in conversation. Making suggestions based on extensive qualifying, and on previous trips. These are all habits of top-producing agents. Effective communicators ask the right questions, give their clients a chance to think and respond, and set expectations for each step of the process. That way, clients know what they are getting in every respect.

They Aren’t Order Takers

In the beginning, it’s completely normal for agents to want to respond to every quote request, and book every client. They have to start somewhere! However, experienced agents know who is their ideal client, and perhaps more importantly, who isn’t. Taking time to qualify a client doesn’t just help them plan their perfect vacation, it helps the agent determine if that person is someone they want to work with in the first place. They value their time, and know when the juice is worth the squeeze.

They Don’t Stop Learning or Traveling

Loving travel is absolutely essential to success. If an agent isn’t excited to research new travel trends, destinations or cruise ships, and share that excitement with their clients, they probably won’t motivate many people to work with them. Of course, taking the opportunity to invest in their own travel, and gain first-hand experience of what they’re selling is what allows successful agents to paint an accurate picture to their clients.

They Have a Vision

Independent travel agents aren’t just travel gurus; in most cases, they are business owners. Top agents understand that they alone are responsible for the organization, planning, and long-term goals of their business. They figure out where they want to go, and take the steps to make it happen. Of course, with a host agency like KHM Travel Group, they also have unlimited support, ongoing educational opportunities, and many more resources at their fingertips!

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