Travel Agent Tips: How to Sell a Cruise in 2021

Written by: Guest on July 28, 2021

Travel Agent Tips
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Written by Ashley Newton, KHM Travel Group’s Lead Video Content Specialist

“All aboard! It is time to set sail.” It feels like a long time since we’ve heard these words over the cruise ship speaker, but we’re finally able to pack our bags and hit the open seas again.

In mid-March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused cruise lines with CLIA to voluntarily suspend passenger sailings worldwide. Travel agents pressed pause on their cruise business to support their clients and focus on other travel opportunities. For travel advisors looking to dive back in cruising, you may be asking yourself, where do I start?

What changes have been made in the industry? How do I stay informed as things continue to progress? What concerns do my cruise clients have? How do I reach new clients and introduce them to cruising?

These questions may seem overwhelming, but a great way to start getting answers is by watching the latest video in our Travel Agent Tips series.  

Join Bill Coyle, our Director of Education and Programs, as he shares tips for selling a cruise vacation in 2021. He busts three different myths about cruising and shares his favorite things to do onboard. Check it out below!

As we move toward a “new normal” in the world of travel, it is more important than ever to stay informed as policies and procedures will continue to change. Travel agents should utilize all the resources available to them including CLIA, cruise supplier websites, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 This video is sponsored by our partner, Carnival Cruise Line.

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