Travel Agent Tips: How to Sell Accessible Travel

Written by: Michelle on October 19, 2022

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Understanding and selling accessible travel is one of standout skills that a travel agent can possess. It not only allows you to provide better service to your clients, but you can also apply this knowledge to your own family while traveling.

By asking the right questions and exploring the variety of education opportunities available, travel agents can ensure that everyone is able to travel comfortably and safely.

Watch our Travel Agent Tips video: How to Sell Accessible Travel to learn more from Bill Coyle, and his special guests KHM Travel Group’s Marie Smith and Brian Miller of The Travel Tutor.

As Marie said there are many different types of accessibility needs including, but not limited to: mobility impairments, physical disabilities, chronic health conditions, visual disabilities, mental illnesses, dietary needs, the deaf community, and the neurodiverse community.

Being able to anticipate the needs of each traveler is key. The first step in doing this is having an honest conversation with your client. Find out what obstacles get in their way when they travel. Once you know the issues they face, you’ll know how to assist them. Next, do your homework with suppliers and contact them well in advance of the trip.

Most cruise lines and many resorts have accessible information desks that you can contact to find out what services they offer, and to make sure they know about your client’s specific needs.  

Brian Miller

If you’re going to market that you provide accessible travel, you need to have certification behind you. Discover a few recommendations in the video above.

KHM Travel Group includes a great network of agents that share knowledge and experiences about important topics like accessible travel. Read about the personal support we provide our agents.

Contact our team if you’re ready to learn more about how to become a travel agent!

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