How to Experience Italy’s Less Visited Regions with Avanti

Written by: Michelle on April 04, 2019

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Rome, Florence, Venice: these famously photogenic cities are often the first that come to mind when travelers dream of an Italian vacation. But your clients who are looking to explore the historical sites, take in renowned artwork, and sample the delectable dishes that Italy is known for shouldn’t let these cities define their trip, because there’s so much to see beyond Italy’s city walls.

Avanti Destinations, in collaboration with the Italian National Tourist Board, has developed new opportunities for travelers to explore the less-visited regions of Italy, including Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily, and Umbria. Each region offers unique immersive experiences and memorable sites for travelers to enjoy.

Piedmont is located in the northwest, at the foot of the Alps. This region is known for its medieval towns and lush green landscapes. The flavors of the region are closely tied to its vineyards, classic cafes, and celebrated chocolatiers. Your clients can customize their visit to this region by choosing a culinary focus or by staying on the coast of Lake Orta, which includes a tour of the lake’s famed island town, San Guilio. This region’s proximity to France makes it ideal for travelers looking to take in several European countries during their trip.

In the very center of Italy, Umbria welcomes guests with captivating views and history around every corner. Though its neighboring region, Tuscany, is more famous, Umbria’s charming cities have an unassuming beauty and tradition of classical hospitality. Guests will feel like locals walking the cobblestone streets, participating in cooking classes, or meandering through the untouched countryside. Umbria Elegance is a five-day tour of this incredible area that includes wine tastings, olive oil tastings, and a visit to the town of Assisi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The heel of Italy’s boot is home to Puglia. The region’s coastline stretches along the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Puglia’s visitors marvel at the postcard-worthy whitewashed towns that stare down to the cerulean blue waters below. Farther from the tourist centers, the people of these picturesque villages invite guests to their table to taste handcrafted Italian olive oil and the freshest seafood dishes Italy has to offer. Flavors of Puglia takes travelers on a journey through countryside and city, stopping along the way to partake in a cooking class and an olive oil tasting.

Roman, Greek, and Arabic cultures blend together to create the architecture, flavors, and beauty that pervade the island of Sicily. From orange groves to ancient monasteries, this sunny spot calls to those who love to explore no matter what time of year. Senses of Sicily introduces guests to local products and indulges them through three-course meals and a relaxing massage included in this tour.

Avanti’s offerings of these regions can be customized to meet your clients’ wants, whether they are looking for an action-packed trip to Italy or an extended tour to let them take in and taste all that the country has to offer. Agents have the flexibility to craft an experience for their clients that will leave them with a deeper appreciation for Italy’s less-traveled regions.

Avanti works exclusively with travel agents to provide clients with unique experiences all around the world. To learn more about these travel opportunities with Avanti Destinations visit MyTravelAgentPortal.

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