4 Keys to Planning Romantic Road Trips

Written by: Michelle on February 25, 2021

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As more travelers opt to explore the United States on their vacations, road trips are back at the top of our travel list. For couples, taking a road trip together offers a chance to reconnect and make new memories together. Share these tips with your honeymooners, anniversary couples, or first-time travel partners who are considering a road trip to help them find romance on the road.

Navigating Together

On a road trip, navigating is part of the fun. Tracing the route, taking an impromptu detour to see a roadside attraction (world’s largest ball of yarn, anyone?), and refueling at a locally-owned diner are reminders that the journey is as important as the destination. Planning their route together (with a travel agent’s help) means crafting a trip that is as unique as each couple.

Saying “Yes” to Spontaneity

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Road tripping allows couples to follow their whims, whether it be taking the slower but more scenic route, or stopping to peruse a quirky antique shop. In our daily lives, many of us are locked into routines and obligations. Road trips offer couples a chance to give into spontaneity and explore the unexpected together, which is important for any long-lasting relationship. These moments can become the source of stories they’ll tell for decades to come.

Building Your Playlists

Music connects us. It helps us convey our feelings and emotions to one another. Music transports us to a certain time and place. It turns us into karaoke singers behind the wheel. Before setting out on a road trip, encourage couples to build playlists for each other that tells a story about their relationship through song. Or suggest they choose a podcast series or an audiobook to keep them guessing what happens next mile after mile!

Capturing the Journey

Remind your clients to practice using their camera or phone’s self-timer or pack a selfie stick. This will keep them from missing any opportunities to snap photos together at every destination along the way. These pictures are one of the best ways to make sure the memories of their adventure last for years to come! When they get back, ask if you can share a couple of their pictures on your travel business social media to showcase your road trip planning skills.

Ready to help your clients plan a road trip adventure? Travel agents are the key to road trip planning. They have the hotel and excursion recommendations, destination knowledge, and knowledge of the policies that may affect travelers.

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