10 Ideas for Pictures to Post on Social Media

Written by: Michelle on September 24, 2018

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What to post? Creating content that is engaging and eye-catching doesn’t have to be time-consuming or frustrating. Check out these simple ideas for social media content that will show your expertise, your personality, and hopefully, engage your followers!


Know Your Niche

Your own travel photos make for great social media content but remember to think about your niche when you are posting images of destinations. If you focus on Europe, posting images of Mount Rushmore may confuse your followers. If you sell primarily cruises, make sure your content reflects that. In general, post destinations that you would feel comfortable talking to clients about and booking.


Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes posts show your clients the value of you by giving them a peak at what it takes to be a travel agent. This can be photos of your desk, the new brochures you received, or the suitcase you are packing for your next FAM trip. There are plenty of options to expand on these posts, but you don’t have to share every aspect of your life. Remember to keep things professional.


Let Your Clients Speak for You

If clients give you permission, repost their travel photos. This not only allows you to share what a destination offers potential clients, but they are a testament the relationship you’ve established with current clients. Remember to ask clients to use a custom hashtag or to tag your Instagram profile when they post about their trip. This allows you to search for posts from your clients.


Celebrate your Successes

If you reach Basecamp or Pinnacle, share that with your followers. If you win an award or receive a new certification, celebrate by sharing your accomplishment. This allows people to see your growth as an agent and builds trust. The key to do this without bragging about yourself? Show gratitude! You don’t reach your sales goals without your clients, so make sure to make them feel like a part of your success.


Educate and Explain

Posting a stunning photo of a landmark or view is eye-catching, but doesn’t necessarily get followers to engage. Create intrigue about your post with the image, and then use the caption to explain what the image is, why it’s interesting, and how you can help clients see it in person. It can also help you generate followers who are interested to learn about new places or travel opportunities.


Share your Knowledge

Consider posting the answers to frequently asked questions. For example, if your clients often ask about liquids in carry-on luggage, consider posting about the current TSA policy. A post like this lets your clients know that they can come to you with questions and get the answers. It establishes you as a travel authority.


Add a Quote

People often follow motivational or quote accounts on social media. You can create your own inspirational graphics by overlaying a travel themed quote or a motivational quote about running a business on an image. Apps like Canva and Pixlr Express make it simple to make shareable graphics on your desktop and on mobile devices. These can also help to inspire a sense of wanderlust in your clients.

Join the Local Conversation

Share photos of you supporting other business owners in your area or participation. This lets your community know that you are approachable and connected on a local level. People are more likely to reach out to someone they feel is part of their circle or community.


Relive the Past

Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and Flashback Friday (#FBF) are great ways to share photos from past trips or travel industry events. These popular hashtags allow you to be part of a larger conversation and give you a chance to post content your audience might not have seen before. For example, you may have photos of a school trip Washington DC, in Disneyland as a child, or at last year’s Crystal Conference. These are great ways to share how you developed a love for travel or how far your travel agency has come since you started it.



If you have a hard time creating your own content, you can occasionally share or re-post from other brands or publications. Make sure to always give credit to the photo’s source! Also consider if the original source is a person or company that you feel comfortable being associated with and if they share your values and goals.

Don’t forget that you can find KHM Travel Group on social media too. You can search for #KHMRocks to see posts of our agents and live events. To learn more about KHM Travel Group and how you can join us, fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 1-888-611-1220.

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