Popular Travel Agent Hashtags to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Written by: Guest on December 15, 2015

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twitter3edit Choosing the right hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and Google+ has essentially become an art form, practiced by social media masters and novices alike. Like most art, hashtags need to have context to be appreciated.

Simply adding random words and phrases behind the “#” won’t get you more followers. Using them successfully requires a little bit of research, and a little bit of creativity.

Remember, hashtags are the threads that connect conversations on social media. There’s nothing wrong with generic hashtags like #travel or #beach, but with these you are essentially throwing another drop of water into an already large pool.

To stand out with your target audience, consider what their interests are and choose tags to match those interests. You don’t have to reads minds. Just follow what your clients and potential clients are talking about, and take note of which hashtags they use frequently. The below suggestions are a good place to start!

#TravelTips: This is a perfect hashtag for travel agents, because it demonstrates your travel expertise! Share advice on Twitter, or if instagram1edityou share a photo from a destination on Instagram, add a helpful comment based on your personal experience.

#FamilyVacation, #DestinationWedding, #Honeymoon, #Adventure, #GroupTravel, #AllInclusive, #Cruising: These are hashtags your clients and potential clients will be searching for – and they represent a lot of the most popular travel niches. If adventure travel is your specialty, a lot of your agency’s posts should focus on that. Be sure to include the corresponding hashtag!

#TravelQuote: Twitter and Instagram are ideal for posting inspirational quotes and graphics. They get your followers daydreaming about their next vacation, which is an effective yet subtle way to promote your services.

#RivieraMaya, #Jamaica, #NYC, #Italy, etc: It might seem simple…but it’s easy to forget! If you are posting a photo of a destination, include the destination in a hashtag! For resorts and cruise ships, you can go a step further and include the brand’s hashtag, whether it be just the name (#RoyalCaribbean), a specific resort/ship (#OasisoftheSeas) or another well-known aspect of that brand (#ComeSeek). It will require a tiny bit of extra research to become familiar with popular brand hashtags, but it also ups your chances of getting noticed by suppliers!

#MexicoMonday, #TravelTuesday, #WanderlustWednesday, #SunsetSunday, etc: Each day of the week now has at least a dozen hashtags associated with it. You aren’t obligated to use these every day of the week, but if your content or picture corresponds with the day’s hashtag, go ahead. For example, if you plan to post a picture of the mojito you had at the beach last twitter1edit week, why not throw in #ThirstyThursday? Your clients will wish they were there!

Of course, we always encourage using #KHMRocks at live events, FAMs and any time you feel like sharing your love for your host agency!

Don’t try to cram every single possible hashtag into every post. Put a little bit of thought into what is most important about your post, and base your hashtags around that. As a general rule, three hashtags on Twitter is the maximum.  On Instagram, stick to five or six.

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