Should You Attend KHM Travel Group’s Crystal Conference & Awards?

Written by: Guest on September 29, 2016

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Travel agents have endless educational and networking opportunities available to them through their host agencies, through travel suppliers, through industry advocates like ASTA and even through tourism boards.

It’s tough to juggle the time you want to spend learning and networking with the time you need to spend running your business and working with clients.

That being said, your relationship with your host agency is one of the most important in your career as an agent. KHM Travel Group’s biggest annual event, The Crystal Conference and Awards should be a priority for your agency, and here’s why.

To Discover Your Why


You got into travel for a reason.

Our theme for the 2017 Crystal Conference and Awards is “Discover Your Why.” We chose this idea because these few days are really the perfect time to reflect on your reasons for becoming a travel agent. Why were you originally excited to sell and book travel? Why is your business important to you? Why was KHM Travel the host agency you partnered with?

Discover Your Why is also meant to help agents get their future into focus. What’s going to impact your travel business going forward, and what is going to keep you motivated this year, or for the next three years?

Every business owner needs to ask themselves these questions from time to time, but often don’t have time or the energy to think about. The Crystal Conference is the place to clear your mind, while sharpening your vision for your business.

To Build Strong Bonds


KHM Travel is essentially your partner in business. We want to get to know you, and we hope that you want to get to know your fellow agents, suppliers and staff. The Crystal Conference and Awards is the ultimate team-building opportunity.

At Crystal, you can actually sit down to dinner with our suppliers and talk to them about what’s next with their brands. You can meet up with agents from across the country at the pool, and exchange ideas and business tips. You can put faces to the names of KHM Travel staff members you might have emailed or talked to on the phone.

You’ll be surrounded by people who share your passion, your priorities and your challenges. It’s not just for experienced agents, and it’s not just for cruise experts. All KHM Travel Agents are welcome to join us at Crystal! These are the people who are cheering for your business, and want to see you succeed. These are also the people that will be able to talk you through a difficult situation. Spending time in a positive, fun and productive environment together will go a long way to strengthen your connections.

To Refresh and Relax


The KHM Travel staff and suppliers have plenty of information and inspiration they’ll be bringing on board the Carnival Conquest in January, but we won’t be spending the entire cruise in a classroom!

We’ve built free time into each day of the Crystal Conference and Awards, because there’s so much to do on the Conquest and while we’re in port. We know how hard our agents work all year — and will continue to work, even on the cruise! You deserve to kick back, and make the Crystal Conference and Awards the experience you want it to be.

Have one too many chocolate melting cakes at dinner. Laugh until you can’t breathe at Punchliners. Spend an afternoon mesmerized by the crystal waters on Grand Cayman. Whatever floats your boat (we had to say it!)


Our 2017 Crystal Conference and Awards is only a few months away, and we’ve extended the deadline until November 10th! Cabins are filling up, so KHM Travel Agents can visit to learn more and register today.

We hope to see you on the Carnival Conquest in January!

For more information on how you can start your own travel agency from home with KHM Travel Group, fill out the form on the right or call 1-888-611-1220.

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