Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Written by: Michelle on November 23, 2020

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The holiday season is the perfect time to remind the travel lovers in your life that adventure and relaxation still await them. These ideas on our holiday gift guide will spark joy with your favorite jet-setter and give you a few items to add to your own wish list!

1. Sleep Mask with Built-in Headphones

Whether you’re trying to catch some z’s on your next flight or drowning out the sounds of a busy house, this mask will lull you right to sleep. With built-in headphones, you can cancel out the noise around you with sounds of your choice.

2. A Packable Thermometer

A travel first aid kit is always a good idea, but most won’t include a thermometer! That’s why this packable, digital thermometer is a must-have for any traveler. Monitoring your health has never been more important, and this handy tool can give you peace of mind wherever you go.

3. Vacation Scrapbook Kit

Why not spend holiday free time reliving your favorite travel memories and turn them into a scrapbook? This kit comes with everything you need, just add your own pictures!

4. Try the World Gift Boxes

These gift boxes bring the flavors of your favorite destinations directly to your home so you can continue to thrill your tastebuds, even when you’re stuck at home. With options for snack boxes or larger country-themed boxes, there are choices for every budget.

5. A Road-Trip Worthy Mug

This Corkcicle travel mug is the perfect travel companion for heading out on a family road trip and regular trips to the grocery store. Beverages stay warm for hours in one of these colorful, functional mugs.

6. Travel Puzzles

Looking for a fun activity for the whole family? Try a travel-themed puzzle! Challenge yourselves with this 1000-piece illustrated United States puzzle, or with a scene from one of the world’s most beautiful castles…the final destination is up to you!

7. Packable Yoga Mat

For those that want to bring zen along with them when they travel, Gaiam’s foldable travel mat is convenient and fits in a carry-on.

8. Book a Trip with your Travel Agent

There’s nothing travelers love more than getting to take on off their next trip. For many of us, travel delays or restrictions have meant staying close to home in 2020. But, together we can make 2021 the year of travel! One of our favorite gift ideas is working with your travel agent to plan your next trip and give the gift of experiences this holiday season.

We hope our 2020 gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life. As an Amazon Affiliate, if you purchase items through the links in this post, KHM Travel Group may collect a small fee. We hope you enjoy our recommendations!

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