KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Beth Duppstadt

Written by: Guest on October 12, 2015

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Beth Duppstadt started planting the seeds of her Cincinnati-based travel business, LoveLand & Sea Travel, in 2009.
bethduppstadtShe is a stay-at-home mom, but always wanted to be a business-owner. She needed something that would allow her to have a flexible schedule, so she could spend time with her son.

After coordinating a trip to Jamaica, Beth realized how much she enjoyed researching and planning travel. She joined KHM Travel Group, and spent the first few years working on her business part time.

“During those years I got my name out, networked, built relationships, learned everything I could and perfected my work-at-home system,” says Beth. “Now everything has started growing!”

She realized that successfully working from home requires organization and self-discipline. Spending that extra time to set a business and financial plan, and learning how to manage her time effectively helped her find that work/life balance.

She also watches as many webinars as she can, and frequently participates in conversations in the Agents-Only Facebook group.

Beth makes sure her clients are completely prepared before they travel. She sends out a trip packet that includes packing lists, destination information, travel agent tips, pre-travel checklists, and excursion options.

“My business is 80% referrals and past clients. It’s been amazing to watch the snowball effect. I provide the best possible customer service and I ask for referrals. This keeps my phone ringing,” she says.

Steady business and a flexible work schedule has also allowed Beth to do some traveling of her own. She even took a week-long trip to Mexico by herself, and although she never thought she would enjoy solo travel, it was an incredible experience for her.

The seeds that she planted six years are now bringing her more rewards than ever. It required patience, but new agents will see their travel business blossom if they keep working at it, she says.

“While it’s important to educate yourself on travel it’s just as important to learn about running your business. Take the offered courses made available to you by KHM and trade organizations,” Beth says.

She now enjoys the best of both worlds: she owns a successful business and can spend time with her son when she wants!

If you’ve been searching for a work-from-home opportunity that actually lets you earn income on your own time, get more info about becoming an independent travel agent! Just fill out the form on the right or call 1-888-611-1220 to request our free packet.

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