Get Inspired to Take Action at the 2019 Crystal Conference

Written by: Michelle on November 30, 2018

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We love having the chance to celebrate our agents’ successes and introduce them to new cruise lines and destinations each year, but the core of the Crystal Conference is education. Each year, this event’s theme provides an anchor for the event’s speakers, sessions, and key takeaways. This year’s theme is Take Action: People, Purpose, Passion. What does that mean?

Two years ago, we focused on helping agents discover or rediscover their “why” to help them stay motivated throughout the year. Last year, the event’s theme “The Value of You” emphasized ways that agents could enhance and highlight everything they bring to the vacation-planning experience. In 2019, our Take Action theme will encourage our agents to put their tools, resources, and knowledge into practice.

Inspired by our departure from Los Angeles and the film industry, this year’s conference will help agents step into the role of director for their business and find new ways to get things rolling. This theme is about using new ideas and skills to take positive, practical steps so that agents can grow their travel businesses and reach their individual goals. From there, we will teach our agents to take action in three areas of business: people, purpose, and passion.

People refers to educating our agents in personal interactions. How can agents have meaningful and impactful interactions with clients? What steps should they take to build their professional relationships with their local communities, travel suppliers, and fellow KHM Travel Agents? There will be time for agents to build these relationships on board as they get to know their fellow conference attendees and interact with VIPs from a variety of suppliers and industry organizations.

What does it mean to be a travel agent? We will help our agents answer this question by focusing on purpose. Knowing more about how they can help travelers when it comes to research, planning, and booking trips is key.

Learning how to be purposeful when running a business will help agents save time and better serve their clients. This can mean learning about new suppliers, new properties, new cruise sailings, and other important travel industry news and updates. It’s also key for our agents to stay true to their purpose, whether that is choosing a travel specialty or learning to say no to requests that won’t move their business forward in the long run.

Of course, the Crystal Conference gives agents the chance to tap into their passion for travel with the opportunity to see something new. For some agents, it may be their first time sailing on the Ruby Princess or cruising at all. For others, experiencing Cabo San Lucas, the incredible resorts, and taking in some of the excursions gives them new firsthand knowledge that they can share with their clients.

We can’t wait to take action and share all of this with our travel agents when we set sail this coming February on the Ruby Princess! Find a growing list of attending suppliers on and special guest speakers on

KHM Travel Group’s live events give our travel agents the chance to further their education and build upon their skills so that they can grow their businesses and find success. If you are interested in learning more about joining our network of hosted agents, you can fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 1.888.611.1220.

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