4 Places to Find Inspiration for Your Clients’ Vacations

Written by: Michelle on August 25, 2020

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As vacations were delayed or rebooked this year, travel agents started to look for travel opportunities that would excite their clients while allowing them to feel safe. Now that we are looking ahead to fall, winter, and 2021 travel, it’s time to find some new travel inspiration!

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These ideas will ignite your creativity and re-energize your travel planning!

1. Get in #VacationMode on Social Media

One of the best ways to follow travel trends and find new ideas is to start exploring hashtags on social media. Follow the hashtag for your travel favorite brands (#HardRock, #Marriott, etc) or types of travel (#BeachVacation, #WeekendGetaway #FallTravel). If you see something that you like, hit the share button and add your own caption to help your clients see it too!

2. Look to Your Host Agency

We’re here to help inspire you! Each month the KHM Travel Group team puts together talking points, graphics, and videos to help you learn about vacations you could be booking for your clients. KHM Travel Agents can find these resources in the Marketing Section of the Agent Portal. You can also visit our YouTube channel to find more videos like the one below.

3. Your Favorite Travel Magazines

Whether you subscribe to travel agent magazines, like Agent at Home, or to general travel magazines, like Conde Nast Traveler, these publications can help you find new ideas and destinations to research. KHM Travel Group even has our traveler-friendly publication you can share with your clients, ROAM Magazine. Inside your clients will find articles on girls’ getaways, recipes from around the world, and fun quizzes to see where they should travel to next with the help of their travel advisor.

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4. Take Your Hobbies on the Road

While the destination is important, traveling is all about the experiences! Connect with your clients over their hobbies and interests. Do they love trying new foods? Do they dream of a vacation where they hike through forests that are vibrant with fall foliage? Let the experiences they hope to have on vacation be the inspiration for their trip so that you can help match them to the perfect destination!

Each trip begins as an idea in your clients’ minds, and by staying inspired, you can help transform their idea into reality.

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