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Written by: Stephanie on July 08, 2021

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Writing blog articles and social media posts after personal and professional trips is the perfect way to showcase your business and industry knowledge while engaging your audience with meaningful material that inspires wanderlust. Getting started with documenting your travels for marketing can feel a bit intimidating, but with our helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to writing great material for your clients!

Consider the following when blogging about your travels:


Resort Pool Island

Whether you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, sailing the seas with your favorite cruise line, or touring Europe, consider the content you will present to readers about your trip. Sharing your accommodations, ship or resort common areas, daily activities, and food and beverages will fully illustrate your trip experience.


Meeting Talk

Your tone and content should embody your brand and the way you desire to present yourself to current and potential clients. Your clientele might warrant a playful, fun tone or a streamlined, formal tone. Regardless, your enthusiasm should shine as you write to engage readers and inspire them to dream about their future vacations.


Note Taking Journal Writing

Recording your thoughts throughout your trip is essential for remembering details to use for blogging about your travels and preparing social media posts. Take a designated journal with you on each trip. Create a document template and print copies to tuck in your bag and use when you travel. If you prefer speaking, record your thoughts on your phone. Regardless of format, these notes will help when you sit to organize your material for your blog posts.


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During your trip, think about photos from a client perspective – what would they like to see? This could include accommodations, the beach, swimming pools, kids’ areas, food and beverage, common areas like landscaping or the lobby, ports of call, the tour bus, and activity or excursion fun. If you plan on writing about your resort’s seven incredible pools, take photos of them to share! If you have food allergies, snap photos of your meals and share in detail what you’ve eaten and how chefs have assisted you.


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Always have a trusted friend or family member look over your writing before publishing your blog post. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors detract from your professional presentation, so correcting these before sending your work into the world is important.

Social media

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Last, don’t forget to share your blog posts on social media. Let your audience know that you have new, exciting content for them to read. Use your enthusiasm and colorful photos to entice them to click the link to your blog article.

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