Travel Agent Tips: How to Sell U.S. Travel

Written by: Michelle on November 24, 2020

Travel Agent Tips
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From sea to shining sea, the United States is home to a wide variety of destinations and experiences. As travel restrictions limited the opportunity to visit international destinations, many travelers and travel agents turned to U.S. vacations to cure their wanderlust.

So how should travel agents sell U.S. travel? What are the benefits of booking U.S. travel during the pandemic? These are important questions for travel agents to answer so they can adapt their business’s marketing and communications with clients.

That’s where our Travel Agent Tips video series comes in. Our latest video features Bill Coyle, our Director of Education and Programs. He covers these questions and offers tips to help travel agents navigate booking U.S. travel. Check it out below!

The travel industry is continuing to reopen to more locations, but the idea of U.S. travel has caught on. Along with the opportunities to see more of our own country, U.S. travel offers those who are concerned about their health and safety a chance to stay close to home.

As travel agents continue to work with clients at the end of 2020 and into 2021, helping travelers to feel confident and safe is key. That’s one of the reasons that travel agents are needed more than ever. People want to know that they are working with experts who know them personally and can work with them to meet their needs. We are so proud of our travel agents. They are helping rebuild the travel industry, one booking and one client at a time.

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