4 Ways Travel Agents Can Inspire Others to Travel

Written by: Amanda on October 01, 2015

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Leisure travel of any kind is a luxury. It doesn’t matter if it’s a budget weekend road trip or an extravagant month-long jaunt through Europe. Neither one is a necessity, technically speaking, like food or electricity.

To put it bluntly, people don’t have to spend money on vacations. But that’s where the travel industry swoops in with gorgeous full-color photos of clear blue waters and white beaches. Part of the role of a travel agent is to make their clients and prospective clients believe that travel is valuable – because it is! It’s not about telling them why they should travel — it’s about showing them why they need to experience something or somewhere.

Once the idea is planted, it’s a matter of logistics. But how can travel agents inspire others to want to travel? We have a few ideas to help travel agents turn skeptics into enthusiastic explorers.

1. Write about your Own Travels


Start a blog or an email newsletter where you chronicle FAM trips, or your personal travel. You’ll want to give readers the straight details, like where you went, how you got there, and what activities or restaurants you recommend. To paint a more colorful picture, go a little further and describe how a certain place or interaction while traveling made you feel. For instance, what was it about your European river cruise that changed your perspective on sailing? What was the thing that surprised you most about your sixth visit to Jamaica?

2. Get Creative with Your Photography


You’ve probably taken at least one, if not hundreds, of selfies by now. And you’ve probably looked at hundreds more from your family, friends, and fellow travel agents. You could take the standard photo with your toes in the sand at the beach, or with the Eiffel Tower in the distance, appearing to be wedged between your thumb and pointer finger. Show your followers a different perspective – like a short video of you explaining why a particular spot on your Norwegian cruise ship is your favorite, or a snapshot with a new friend you made while traveling.

3. Recommend Books, Movies and TV Shows


Let your favorite writers and filmmakers do the inspiring for you! Seeing destinations come to life in print and on screen can ignite imaginations, and create the desire to see places for ourselves. Have a few things in mind when someone asks you for a book or movie recommendation, or rave about your favorites on Facebook or in your agency’s newsletter! Need something for you own read and watch lists? Check out Goodread’s Popular Travel Inspiration Books and CN Traveler’s 50 Best Travel Films of the Past 50 Years.

4. Go All Out with a Travel-Themed Party


Travel agents often host travel nights for their family and friends. Show off your expertise to your captive audience with unexpected touches that are specific to the type of travel you’re promoting. If you’re featuring a destination, plan your menu around the local specialties. Or you are doing a cruise night, play up the nautical theme in your decor. You could even play renditions of your favorite cruise ship games! Check Pinterest for more ideas on how to get your guests itching to hop on a plane.

Most people have a desire to travel, but have to weigh it against their other priorities.

As a travel professional, you’ll have the power to inspire others to travel and turn their vacation aspirations into a reality — it just might require a little bit of creativity on your part!

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