Five Must-Visit Destinations for 2015
By Guest on January 15, 2015

Is visiting somewhere new among your resolutions for 2015? Or are you an independent travel agent looking for the trendiest destinations of 2015? This year’s hottest destinations, which include formerly off-limits Caribbean islands, fashion capitals and the fjords from Frozen, are inspiring travelers to dream big. Want more information? Call your travel agent! 1. Milan…Continue reading: Five Must-Visit Destinations for 2015 →

FAM’s Over…Now What
By Melissa on November 06, 2013

For professional travel agents, FAM trips are useful tools to boost your product knowledge. But what you do AFTER the trip is vital to making the most of your FAM experience. The first step is to organize all of the materials you brought home. You probably collected business cards from resort staff members or tour…Continue reading: FAM’s Over…Now What →

How to Sell All-Inclusive Vacations to Cruise Clients
By Melissa on October 23, 2013

Cruising is a popular way to travel, and many agents build successful businesses around cruise travel. But what if your cruise clients are ready to try something different? If you are ready to tap into a new source of potential income, consider these reasons why you should offer all-inclusive vacations to your cruise clients. Familiarity…Continue reading: How to Sell All-Inclusive Vacations to Cruise Clients →

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